I am Injured. I am Ironman.

Here’s a hilarious video I made on yourtube about the insanity of triathletes. It’s so true.. but not in my case right now. Still funny, enjoy!

Pretty amazing, has 108,050 views. Went viral for sure.


It’s Official – Stress Fracture And Labral Tear In Right Hip

I don’t even know where to start. I’m so sick of being in pain. It’s now back up to a 6/10 but at least I have answers. I spent the last week in Scottsdale for SF Giants Spring Training but came back and needed to get the MRI done. The pain has just been too much. By now the stress fracture pain would’ve subsided. Even if I was still walking on it. 

The results say it all – stress fracture of the right femoral neck medially with surrounding marrow edema. Not just that, but anterosuperior labral tear on the right. And in addition to that, right gluteus minimus tendinosis and partial thickness tearing. None of that is good at all.

I made an appt to see the orthopedist that did my MPFL surgery in May of 2012. He doesn’t do hips but I need to see someone I trust and he was really good. We’ll see what he has to say this time. It’s not the stress fracture I’m worried about but more so the labral tear. I took out my last 6 MRIs and there is evidence of partial labral tears in almost all of the reports.

Why was this never addressed before? I just don’t understand why my doctors haven’t looked at the big picture but instead treated each injury as it’s own separate thing. There is obviously something bigger and more serious going on that needs to be addressed. I just need to find someone that will help me. 

I have an awesome PT that I worked with before and after my knee surgery, I’m looking forward to seeing him again. I just want this fixed. I’m doubting I can ever really be a runner again and I know endurance racing (like Ironman) is going to have to be a memory and no longer a future goal. 

I feel like I’ve been through this so many times. I’m so tired of being in pain. I’m so tired of ‘poor me’ and complaining. I just want to be better. 

Below you can see the bright white spot under the ball and socket joint. Stress fracture. 



Below is the labral tear. Looks just like Lady Gaga and A-Rod’s photos from their hip injuries. Good times. 😦


Pain A little Better Today

16 days since my last run. Pain is about a 3 of 10.

I called my new doctor to prescribe some pain meds since I often get the sharp shooting pain that takes it to an 8 of 10 for awhile. Happy to see that doctors are being strict with prescribing narcotic pain meds these days. I don’t think she realized I don’t want narcotics, they don’t work for me. I just wanted a script for Celebrex or some high anti-inflammatory. Done. It should get me through the last of this. 

I’m off to Spring Training in Scottsdale tomorrow. I’ll try to update on the injury although I’ll be pretty stationary watching baseball for the next week. I should be fine. I’m just ready to get to the root of this problem once and for all.

On that note, peace out…  I have an early flight in the morning. Keep you posted. 

Stress Fracture Confirmed, Now What?

I just hit the 2 week mark since I last ran and I’m just starting to feel better. At least I can sit without the shooting pain in my hip. I’ve already gained 6 lbs though, I can’t believe it.

I saw a really good doctor through work that I haven’t seen before. She verified it was a stress fracture through mobile tests and offered to do a MRI but recommended waiting because they want to do a bone biopsy and a bone scan.

She thinks based on my history I might have a parathyroid tumor (i have really high levels of calcium in my blood for a few years now) or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is a genetic issue. I dislocated my knee 3 times and my elbow 2x before which is characteristic of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome as well as frequent stress fractures. Can you touch your thumb to your arm like the photo below? I can. Apparently that tells her something.


She’s going to run more tests when I get back from Arizona next week. I’ll be in Scottsdale for SF Giants Spring Training games. Hoping I get a little more relief the next few days. I’m not taking any pain medication so it’s just me and this fracture.

I’m wondering what I can do workout-wise starting at 3 weeks. I can’t remember when I started in last stress fractures but I need to get in something. She told me to swim. I don’t want to swim… I’ve been swimming my whole life. Sigh.

I’ll always stay true to you

And When You Slam
Down the hammer
Can you see it in your heart ?

All of the rumors keeping me grounded
I never said, I never said that they were
Completely unfounded
So when you slam down the hammer
Can you see it in your heart?
Can you delve so low ?
And when you’re standin’ on my fingers
Can you see it in your heart? Aah

And when you try to break my spirit
It won’t work
Because there’s nothing
Left to break, anymore
All of the rumors
Keeping me grounded
I never said, I never said that they were
Completely unfounded

You won’t sleep until’ the earth that wants me
Finally has me
Oh you’ve done it now
You won’t rest until’ the hearse that becomes me
Finally takes me
Oh you’ve done it now
And you won’t smile until’ my loving mouth
Is shut good and proper, forever

All of the rumors
Keeping me grounded
I never said, I never said that they were
Completely unfounded
And all those lies
Written lies, twisted lies
Well, they weren’t lies
They weren’t lies, they weren’t lies

I never said, I never said
I could have mentioned your name
I could have dragged you in
Guilt by implication by association
I’ve always been true to you
In my own strange way
I’ve always been true to you
In my own sick way
I’ll always stay true to you

My Hip Hurts Fuck you

Yeah this pretty much sums it up. I don’t feel pain til it’s too late. It’s been 7 days and it still hurts. I’m not a baby.

I usually need 4 shots of novocaine before I can get minor dental work. Why? I don’t know. Why do some people not feel pain until it’s too late? This is where I’ve been dumped. Sorry.

So I did the “hop test” again tonight but I couldn’t do more than two hops. I have my appt on Monday at work. I dont want it to be true. I don’t need this. Well who does.

I’m ready to talk about other things. We’ll see when I’m ready to go there.