Day Two And Overwhelmed

I honestly don’t where to start with this blog.  I guess for now I can spew present bullshit and eventually categorize the topics and people can read what they relate to. I’ll get into a rhythm soon enough.

A lot of you know me as a baseball (San Francisco Giants) fanatic. I’m also an Ironman triathlete and a pretty decent swimmer. See here, 8th place.

I  love to run now since I practically spent most of my adolescence in a chlorinated pool. I started running in 2008 after I signed up for Ironman Arizona with my mom and stepdad. Unfortunately I think I have a body that wasn’t made for running.

I’m currently on (what I believe to be) stress fracture #6. This is my 3rd stress fracture in my right hip/femoral neck since 2009. I’ve also had stress fractures in my  pubic ramus on the right side, a femoral neck stress fracture in my left hip and a tibial stress fracture in my right shin in 2010.

In the fall of 2011, about 3 weeks before Ironman Cozumel, i had an unfortunate accident at the gym after someone left a mat behind me.  I was going into a rear lunge and my foot slipped back and I turned and my knee popped out. A dislocated knee and surgery needed to repair a torn MPFL.

Time to sleep, more tomorrow.

want her haircut


How Soon Is Now?

I’ve been thinking for awhile now about starting a blog of my life. Struggles,  complaints, judging, loving, hating whatever for years. But to quote my favorite lyricist of all time, Morrissey, How Soon Is Now?

“When you say it’s gonna happen now Well, when exactly do you mean?”

I used to be a writer of music. I now write about Giants baseball when I can.  My busy day job in Silicon Valley doesn’t allow much time for anything else. If I don’t start collecting my thoughts somewhere, sooner or later I’m going to forget everything. So here I am.

“Does the body rule the mind. Or does the mind rule the body? I dunno.”

A few things I know I’m going to write about  (which should tell you if you care):

  • Running, Triathlon and Injuries – As of last week, I’m on stress fracture #6 since 2009
  • Food & Nutrition – who isn’t obsessed with this?
  • Music – I’m nostalgic for British rock/pop I grew up with but don’t be surprised if I drop in some 2Chainz or Afrojack. You can’t run fast to the Smiths, I’ve tried.
  • Photography – I love to take photographic pictures
  • Life in California vs. NY- I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, lived 11 years in NYC and now in San Francisco for 8 years. And yes, now you know how old I am.
  • Baseball – San Francisco Giants in particular

So hang in there as I get this thing going and soon the words will start flowing. Enjoy!