Day Two And Overwhelmed

I honestly don’t where to start with this blog.  I guess for now I can spew present bullshit and eventually categorize the topics and people can read what they relate to. I’ll get into a rhythm soon enough.

A lot of you know me as a baseball (San Francisco Giants) fanatic. I’m also an Ironman triathlete and a pretty decent swimmer. See here, 8th place.

I  love to run now since I practically spent most of my adolescence in a chlorinated pool. I started running in 2008 after I signed up for Ironman Arizona with my mom and stepdad. Unfortunately I think I have a body that wasn’t made for running.

I’m currently on (what I believe to be) stress fracture #6. This is my 3rd stress fracture in my right hip/femoral neck since 2009. I’ve also had stress fractures in my  pubic ramus on the right side, a femoral neck stress fracture in my left hip and a tibial stress fracture in my right shin in 2010.

In the fall of 2011, about 3 weeks before Ironman Cozumel, i had an unfortunate accident at the gym after someone left a mat behind me.  I was going into a rear lunge and my foot slipped back and I turned and my knee popped out. A dislocated knee and surgery needed to repair a torn MPFL.

Time to sleep, more tomorrow.

want her haircut


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