It’s Official – Stress Fracture And Labral Tear In Right Hip

I don’t even know where to start. I’m so sick of being in pain. It’s now back up to a 6/10 but at least I have answers. I spent the last week in Scottsdale for SF Giants Spring Training but came back and needed to get the MRI done. The pain has just been too much. By now the stress fracture pain would’ve subsided. Even if I was still walking on it. 

The results say it all – stress fracture of the right femoral neck medially with surrounding marrow edema. Not just that, but anterosuperior labral tear on the right. And in addition to that, right gluteus minimus tendinosis and partial thickness tearing. None of that is good at all.

I made an appt to see the orthopedist that did my MPFL surgery in May of 2012. He doesn’t do hips but I need to see someone I trust and he was really good. We’ll see what he has to say this time. It’s not the stress fracture I’m worried about but more so the labral tear. I took out my last 6 MRIs and there is evidence of partial labral tears in almost all of the reports.

Why was this never addressed before? I just don’t understand why my doctors haven’t looked at the big picture but instead treated each injury as it’s own separate thing. There is obviously something bigger and more serious going on that needs to be addressed. I just need to find someone that will help me. 

I have an awesome PT that I worked with before and after my knee surgery, I’m looking forward to seeing him again. I just want this fixed. I’m doubting I can ever really be a runner again and I know endurance racing (like Ironman) is going to have to be a memory and no longer a future goal. 

I feel like I’ve been through this so many times. I’m so tired of being in pain. I’m so tired of ‘poor me’ and complaining. I just want to be better. 

Below you can see the bright white spot under the ball and socket joint. Stress fracture. 



Below is the labral tear. Looks just like Lady Gaga and A-Rod’s photos from their hip injuries. Good times. 😦



3 thoughts on “It’s Official – Stress Fracture And Labral Tear In Right Hip”

  1. I can relate. What sucks is the others have thought I was either crazy, couldn’t help, or dismissed me…perhaps thinking I was crazy? Most of the tests I have had have been inconclusive.

    1. I know you can… I feel the same. People dismissed most of my injuries as ‘overtraining’ since they lump me in with how most triathletes are. This wasn’t the case though at all at least not of my last 5 of 7 stress fractures. I haven’t had too many people doing tests, they treated all the episodes separate. I’m hearing a rhemotologist is probably a good way to go. It has to go autoimmune for you and I. I just hope to get to the bottom of it too. You as well. It sucks being in pain. And nothing works for either of us which makes it worse. Hang in there. I’ll keep this updated with my findings.

  2. Nothing works. My doc put me on blood pressure pills for my purple feet. (I have great blood pressure, and she did a blood test and my liver and kidneys are fine.) The pills only lasted a day, I was having a tight chest and headache…I hate being so sensitive to medications.

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