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Pain A little Better Today

16 days since my last run. Pain is about a 3 of 10.

I called my new doctor to prescribe some pain meds since I often get the sharp shooting pain that takes it to an 8 of 10 for awhile. Happy to see that doctors are being strict with prescribing narcotic pain meds these days. I don’t think she realized I don’t want narcotics, they don’t work for me. I just wanted a script for Celebrex or some high anti-inflammatory. Done. It should get me through the last of this. 

I’m off to Spring Training in Scottsdale tomorrow. I’ll try to update on the injury although I’ll be pretty stationary watching baseball for the next week. I should be fine. I’m just ready to get to the root of this problem once and for all.

On that note, peace out…  I have an early flight in the morning. Keep you posted.